Data Loss and Recovery.

Infrastructure that is well-designed for Backup & disaster recovery is safe for business growth and stability.

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What We Do

Completing a traditional disaster recovery environment may vary depending on the type of issue. We copy either sections of your IT infrastructure or all of it — from the servers and network devices down to the IPs and firewall rules to create backup and then do recovery.

Pro-Active keyword based monitoring checks to alert in case of a security breach.

We can restore your hacked e-commerce website and stop the revenue loss.

We provide complete Infrastructure Backup, including cloud servers, shared servers, dedicated servers and all control panels.

Lets Bring Business Back

Time is precious and so data is. We need right data at right time to get in business. We lose time and money if we lose data.

At Cloud Aims, we specialize in keeping businesses productive and profitable. Our Backup & Recovery services give you a powerful yet affordable solution for your business.

Backup & Recovery

The key components of Backup and Recovery services protect your systems and data without straining your budget. It may include:

On-Premise Backups

You can purchase external hard drives as well as managed backup software. We offer various sizes of hard drives to accommodate different clients’ needs. We also make it easy to add to your storage whenever the need arises.

Our on premise storage currently comes in these sizes:

  • 1-4TB
  • 6 TB

Cloud Backups

Cloud Aims also offers cloud-based backup services to protect your critical data. If a fire, flood or other disaster damages your systems, we will be able to retrieve your information from an offsite server and get back up and running faster.

You can purchase backup storage on cloud, which will help you save money while getting the amount of storage you need. Whenever you need more, you can simply buy more.

Business Continuity

Our business continuity solution helps ensure that your business can stay live, hardware crashes and other issues. All of your data and applications will get mirrored 60 minutes to keep your information as up-to-date as possible. Your copied information is sent to an offsite data center with powerful encryption to prevent theft.

Additional Managed IT Services

Our network and operations service include.